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Conflict Resolution

In today’s highly competitive economy, companies have become painfully aware that unresolved conflict affects the bottom line. The increasing reliance on cell phones, e-mails and conference calls can actually foster disagreement and a breakdown in communication. When colleagues feed mounting issues rather than resolving matters face to face, the resulting losses can be:

  • significantly-reduced productivity
  • hampered creativity
  • and a diminished sense of loyalty among employees and vendors alike

We are currently offering several Conflict Resolution programs based upon the amount of time and depth of information needed.


Negotiation is like tennis, but both sides can win.

Some people have more aptitude than others for negotiating. But, as with tennis, anyone can raise their ability by understanding the principles, learning the value of strategy, and practicing with a good coach.

Winning Through Negotiation focuses on the full range of negotiation scenarios, but emphasizes long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. It has the hallmarks of all MM+A workshops: highly interactive, customized and practical.




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