Areas of Expertise -
Communications audit

Audits are conducted by Sherry Law

l. A communication audit consists of a Web-based survey, analysis, and report.  The audit will identify both formal and informal communication practices that are working for the team and those that interfere with the team’s productivity.  The audit also measures a myriad of other issues possibly impacting the team effort.  These issues are either directly or indirectly related to communication, including:

  • Honesty and openness
  • Whether the team has adequate knowledge and understanding of the new company’s vision, mission, and objectives
  • Sense of empowerment
  • Cooperation among team members
  • Ability to problem solve as a team
  • Trust among team members
  • Shared team values
  • Perceived team resources
  • Confidence in the competence of team members
  • Commitment to improvement
  • Confidence in the future success of the company

The Web-based survey will be customized to this marketing team and will take participants approximately 15-20 minutes to complete prior to communications training.  Responses are confidential and will be broken into two demographic groups, those from the former Sun and those from the former StorageTek.


II. Training

Results of the audit will be presented at the training session, which ideally takes place within two to three weeks of the audit.  After presentation of the audit findings, participants discuss the issues revealed by the audit and what that means for team members personally and the performance of the group as a whole.  Participants will be asked to work as a team to generate solutions for more effective communications and better teamwork.  Each participant will develop an action plan to ensure his or her part in implementing solutions.  The session ends with a request for buy-in and commitment to the plan, including a formal check-in schedule with managers.


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